Come Home to Your Body

Strong & Calm

A Personalized 6-Month Journey for You

Prioritize yourself with a transformative 6-month membership that focuses on:

  • Regulating your nervous system
  • Strengthening your physical body

Come home to your body. Why settle for anything less than your essential self?

Transform at your own pace with a special 6-month membership program. Peel back the layers, stand safely in your skin, and find peace within.

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Be More You

Is this the year you come home to yourself? I can help.

For most of my 20s, I battled with my body, searching for peace. I gained 30 pounds while traveling in foreign countries, to shield myself from male attention. I worked out and counted calories to look a certain way, but never quite found what I was seeking. Now, decades later, with a clinical doctorate and 6 years of trauma healing training, I’ve found that I am my home. I want the same for you.

Strong & Calm

Join our 6-month membership group for physical strength and internal peace.


Accountability and strategies for building strength

Presence in your body for both challenging and pleasant moments

Tools to identify and shift triggers

A strong core and empowered life

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The experience in this course was wonderful.  Dr. Alice’s approaches were very helpful and eye opening for me.  The combination of one on one coaching and group approaches were very effective.  I learned practical skills that I had never experienced before.  With Dr. Alice I was able to identify areas in my body that were holding tension and anxiety and through her guidance, was able to learn and practice techniques to help alleviate this tension.  These practical somatic exercises have helped me tremendously and have also motivated me to pursue further learning in these techniques.  Dr. Alice is able to gently push you out of your comfort zone into a new heightened level of peace. It was definitely worth the investment and I would highly recommend Dr. Alice.  She is very kind, positive, encouraging and intuitive.  She is gifted at finding techniques/solutions that are personally catered to help with your anxiety and stress levels.

Terrilyn Ouellette

I’m a stay at home Mum to two boys; a 20 year old with developmental special needs and chronic health issues, and a vibrant, inquisitive 7 year old. At the beginning of the pandemic I suffered a PTSD response and am struggling with insomnia, anxiety and a reactive nervous system. I feel stuck in fight or flight. I decided to work with Dr Alice because the idea of a combination of group work and body work appealed to me. Everything I’d been reading about healing nudged me towards somatic experiencing. Being in Dr Alice’s presence (even via Zoom) is very reassuring and calming. I’ve learned that turning inwards and fully experiencing uncomfortable sensations while being supported by a gentle guide helps to make them less scary, which has made me less afraid to be in my body. The course was definitely worth my investment and I hope to continue to work with Dr Alice. I feel like I’m on the path to recovery


Get insights from a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner:

  • Membership group and community
  • Weekly videos for physical strength and somatic healing
  • Live calls for guided somatic practices and Q&A sessions
  • Practical information, adaptable exercises, and somatic practices designed to fit into your lifestyle. Build a stronger, calmer you effortlessly, fostering self-love.
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When are the live calls held?

Wednesdays at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Check your time zone here. Additional times may be added (TBD).

How long are the live calls?

60-75 minutes. Planned for an hour with an extra 15 minutes for questions. Attend all or part of the calls.

Can I watch a missed call later?

Yes, all calls are recorded and available exclusively to program members.

What is the format of the live calls?

Guided practice followed by ample Q&A time. Somatic work and healing naturally integrated.

Is the program suitable for those already active?

Absolutely. The unique presentation and focus on joint stability make it beneficial for active individuals.

Is this program for less active individuals wanting to get stronger?

Yes. Modifications are provided, catering to various fitness levels, even suitable for older adults.

How long are the weekly videos, and how much time should I dedicate weekly?

Videos average 10 minutes. Dedicate 30-60 minutes a week, integrating practices into daily life.

When does the program start?

Feb 1 2025 runs through July 2025.

Where do I sign up?
What is the price?

$1550 one time payment and you can purchase it here.

Can I still join in 2024?

I am offering a somatic movement program with 2 live calls a month Aug -Dec 2024. The live calls include guided somatic movement and nervous system regulation practices. The cost is 100$/month and can you purchase it here.