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228722404When was the last time…

… you felt cozy, safe, calm, and full of faith in your life journey?

Is your day-to-day life so hectic that you never have the time to practice the things you enjoy… the things that bring you peace?

Do you live daily with anxiety, depression, trauma, or stress… and fear that it’ll never get better?

Have you tried therapy, books, and other things to heal… but nothing sticks?

You might be ready to concede that this is as good as it gets.

That’s where I was five years ago. Anxiety and insomnia ruled my days and nights, and I lost hope that things would improve.

But learning to work with my nervous system changed everything.

I learned how to recognize my anxiety pattern and how it affected my physical body. Recognizing these “somatic markers” enabled me to detach this pattern from myself and see it for what it was. I practiced feeling grounded and engaging my five senses when this anxiety pattern showed up.

Through time, work with my SE therapist, and practice, I began to have access to a sense of calm in my body that I’d been relentlessly searching for. It all starts with learning the basic tools of accessing your own system!

In the Calm, Resilient, and Wild retreat, you will learn to tap into your inner realm through interoception and become more aware of your own “somatic markers.” Perhaps even more importantly, you will learn tools to access the part of you that isn’t controlled by your patterns.

350542424Let’s take an adventure into YOUR nervous system!

Let’s take a new approach to heal and live a calmer life. My work is about unlocking the secrets of your nervous system, teaching you to respond differently to stress, and feel more content in your daily life.

And there’s no better venue for your journey than a multi-day retreat!

We’ll choose a beautiful setting to relax and nurture you in all aspects of your mind, body, and soul!

From the expansive grounds and wandering trails to the delicious food prepared for you, these retreats allow you to unwind and step into a slower pace of life.

This emotionally soothing retreat will allow you to experience yourself moving peacefully through your daily life.

Here’s what you’ll get…

Gentle movement to unlock your body’s ability to find peace via your nervous system…

Practices to help you feel present in your body so you’re less vulnerable to anxiety and panic…

Coping skills to help you feel more joyful each day…

Guided soothing practices to calm your nervous system during stressful moments…

A deep understanding of how your nervous system works and stores trauma so that you can release trauma and find peace under any circumstances…

Easy-to-access tools you can use to help you set boundaries and say “no” without guilt…

When you’re less worried and anxious…

You can release all the distractions and feel ALIVE!

And by building resilience into your system, you can handle more of what life throws at you with less reactivity.

This is the safe, creative container and expert guidance you need to explore your true self!

If you’re ready to feel calmer, energized, and WHOLE again, click the links below for complete details and registration for upcoming retreats.

2113321982You’re in the middle of ANOTHER busy week…

Schedules and obligations pull at you, straining your mental capacity.

You look at your hastily scribbled, dog-eared “to-do” list on the back of an envelope.

You feel disconnected from yourself. I bet there are times that you make it to the middle of the afternoon without having been aware of any time passing.

You love your partner, kids, family, and friends…

So why have you been snapping at them lately?

It’s probably because you’re longing for peace… a time of day when you can put your feet up and shut your brain off!

Maybe you get a taste of it in yoga class, but it usually goes out the window when you leave.

One thing is for sure: Something has to change!

1410573755“Somatic Relief” is a four-week online course…

It meets weekly for one hour via Zoom, and it’s offered 2-4 times per year. Here are its goals:

  1. You’ll learn how to cultivate your inner calm and get a sense of what self-regulation feels like in your body.
  2. You learn how to identify triggers and approach them differently.
  3. You learn how to listen to and start trusting your own body.

What does a group course look like?

This course is different every time because each group is different! We typically have between 5-15 participants. I encourage everyone to have their cameras on and introduce themselves at our first session, so we all know each other’s names and some basic information!

Sharing in the group is up to you. I always encourage participants to share and frequently check in after we go through exercises together to see how the participants are responding. However, it is not required. I am accessible via email throughout the course, so if you have questions or concerns about sharing, you can always let me know.

The goal isn’t to push you outside your comfort zone. (Or to push you anywhere!) The goal is to help you have greater access to knowing yourself.

This is a practical course, so we go through a lot of practice together. You have many tools to choose from to take with you. I give short “lecture” type information, then we practice. Your questions are welcome as we move through the material.

Practices include Somatic Experiencing techniques such as grounding, orienting, interoception, and pendulation.

Exercises may include creative expressions like drawing with your non-dominant hand, guided visualizations, and gentle movement. You are always welcome to turn your camera off for the movement portion.

Trust yourself… from the inside out!

Imagine staying present, even with all tasks required of you.

Imagine being your wellspring of inner calm.

The next class will be offered in the spring of 2023 (apply and get on the waitlist here).

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Our upcoming retreats…

Sagrada Wellness Center (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Oct 17-24, 2024
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Vedanta Spiritual and Retreat Center (Hot Springs, CA)
Nov 21-24, 2024
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