Recovery Coaching

I work with women who have abstained from substances for a year or more and are looking for the next piece of the puzzle to reclaim their life.

1039439872You enjoy living a life feeling more clear-headed.

But you’re still unsure about the bigger picture for your life. You aren’t sure how to merge the person you were with the person you are turning into.

Even without the substance, you still find it difficult to find your voice and communicate clearly in your relationships with those most important to you.

An old memory from your drinking days surfaces, and you inwardly cringe at remembering your past behavior. Your cheeks flush unwillingly, and you feel an uncomfortable squirm in your stomach. “I KNOW this isn’t me anymore, but how do I move past it?”

1439614217For many of us, drinking or other maladaptive behaviors began…

… when we were troubled by stress, anxiety, past trauma, overwhelm in the world, or other life circumstances we didn’t know how to deal with.

You knew it was finally time to quit when someone close to you walked away. Maybe it was your child telling you they could no longer be around you.

You might have come home one night, stumbled through the door again to find your partner had packed up their things, and left.

You might have lost your job or been escorted out of the building by a kind but firm superior, telling you they could no longer tolerate your behavior.

For some, there are bigger consequences. A DUI, jail time, losing a home, or being physically injured.

No matter what scenario rings your bell, there is a common thread of feeling deeply miserable.

You’d wake up with a raw and jagged stomach, trembling hands, and sweat-soaked sheets.

Crushing anxiety weighed on your chest like an elephant. You’d pull it together as best you could, but it felt like leaving the house or even taking a shower was the extent of your capability.

You felt empty and disconnected from yourself and knew there was a choice to make. Find a way to change or waste away.

Giving up substances can feel like losing part of your identity.

Even if you’ve gotten used to sipping on seltzer or enjoy having a clearer head, it can be difficult to redefine who you are and feel comfortable in your skin.

You might be haunted by shame or regrets from past actions.

It can be confusing and frustrating to navigate relationships without substances.

Perhaps you’re struggling to fill your time or make new friends who also don’t drink.

Sometimes, you feel like you have one foot in the past and one foot on the future’s rocky ledge, and you don’t know how to step into your truest self.

362584421If you want lasting peace, inspiration, and success in recovery…

You need a coach! Recovery coaching can help you move through the next phase of your recovery, establishing long-term habits for success.

Looking at your past…

You know how you DON’T want to live, but breaking ground on new behaviors that actually stick is very challenging! It doesn’t help that you aren’t exactly sure what you DO want instead of what you DON’T want.

Identifying the parts of you that need healing…

You feel ready to work with some of your past challenges but aren’t sure where to start.

You might be scared to pull back the rug and start feeling some of those things you were numbing with booze. In working together, we take a gentle and slow approach to big feelings, looming memories, and past instances of abuse or neglect. We go at the pace your system can handle in any session.

Together, we plant the seeds for you to identify what you are healing and what happens for you when you heal them.

Creating a strategic plan…

Planning is an often-neglected huge component of success in recovery! From our very first session, we will begin creating a plan that aligns with your goals and vision for your life.

Planning can include techniques to handle difficult conversations at work or home or how to prepare for a relaxing vacation when you are the only one not drinking. Having a plan clarifies how you are actively taking steps to change your life. It will build your belief in yourself that you CAN change.

683030524Developing strategies for accountability and support…

I am here with you 100% of the way to help you stay motivated and present with the plan we create for you!

Having a consistent person to rely on as part of your support network and cheering squad and help hold you accountable is invaluable for long-term success. We will also spend time identifying a larger network of support for you so that you have multiple places to connect in your life.

Incorporating Somatic Experiencing…

Somatic Experiencing can help you connect to your body, allowing you to be your own safe space.

Many of us turned to booze or substances because the world was “too much.” It was easier to disconnect from our bodies and feelings. It was, in fact, safer to do so! Choosing a life where we can feel comes with a certain amount of discomfort.

Somatic Experiencing acts as a guide to help you find your way back to your body slowly. So you learn how to handle big emotions without wanting to run away from them or numb out. It is a process that brings you back to yourself.

Coaching is also meant to be enjoyable!

Yes, sometimes growth is uncomfortable, but it’s also joyful to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Like the great explorers of land and sea, you get the adventure and excitement of exploring yourself and creating a life that feels like YOURS!

With recovery coaching, you’ll come back to your full expression of who you are in the world… even if you have no idea what that looks like right now!

648877141Recovery is a lifelong journey…

And giving up the use of a substance is just the beginning.

Coaching can be challenging! It can bring you to face the patterns and survival mechanisms that have helped bring you where you are, and it can be challenging to change those old ways of being.

Together, we acknowledge and celebrate how those patterns kept you alive in the past and brought you here today. Together, we choose to implement changes.

The idea of change is always exciting and thrilling initially! Sometimes, the day-to-day work of showing up for yourself can feel mundane or overwhelming. But I am here with you, supporting you on even the crummiest days.

And when you stick with it, the magic happens. I have seen this time and again with my clients. There will be a day when you come to a session and joyfully exclaim, “I did it! I caught myself in that old pattern, knew what was happening, and made a new choice!”

“I am actually starting to experience joy in my body. I had a moment of joy today and could stay with it and feel it!”

“I handled my interview with professionalism and grace. I amaze even myself. I stayed present with myself even when it got challenging, and I feel so capable.”

I am there to celebrate with you on the other side! I know how this process works because I went through it myself in my healing and recovery. I can help you catch small moments and choice points that either lead you toward your goal or away from it. I can help you identify exactly how and when those old patterns are hooking you in.

I believe in this process because I have repeatedly seen it work in my clients. I believe in this process because I live in it every day.

 632136272Let’s get started!

I know how you’re feeling and that it can still be scary to ask for help. Or to wonder why you even still need help! We have so many layers within us as humans. It makes sense that we can only dive deeper when we’ve peeled back the first layer!

Let’s get started if you are ready to stop living in old patterns that no longer serve you and want to step into healthy new behaviors.

I am here with you and ready to help you.

I offer a free initial consultation call to see if we will be a good fit for working together. In this 20-minute initial session, I ensure I can help you, and you get a feel for my style and work. It’s a time for us to assess the idea of working together and for me to answer any questions you have about the process of recovery coaching.

Give me a call: (619) 432-2991.