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FREE CLASS: Stop Stressing and Start Living!

Jan 25th 5pm PST

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If you feel stuck in old patterns, high stress, or an inability to slow down – I have a solution.

These old patterns that show up again and again, keeping you stressed and rigid – are actually stored in your body and nervous system.

You CAN create change, but you’ve got to work with your body and your nervous system. Talking about it forever doesn’t shift the physiological imprint. AKA – it’s actually stored in your body. So we have to work with your body.

Somatic Experiencing does just that.

In this class you will learn tools to stop living on high alert, and understand how to begin healing stored patterns in your body and nervous system.
Start the process of befriending your body and all it stores
So you can deeply relax, connect with yourself, and heal

Healing Anxiety ebook

Dr Alice offers individual Recovery Coaching and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy. If you are ready to thrive in sobriety and explore a life hallmarked by ease, book a call with Dr. Alice and see if coaching is right for you.

Upcoming Workshop!

Join me for an exploration of your nervous system. In this two-day experience, you will learn practical skills to stop racing thoughts, feel more present in your body, and begin to trust your innate wisdom. This program includes gentle movement and creative expression, guided practices to restore your system to a place of calm, and practical information to satisfy your intelligent cognitive mind. You will leave with a greater understanding of how to pause before responding, listen to your gut, and be assertive in a healthy way. Dr. Kerby uses Somatic Experiencing techniques to cultivate a safe and creative container for your internal adventure. Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a “bottom-up” modality, created by Dr. Peter Levine, author of Waking the Tiger, that works with healing deeper levels of trauma and chronic stress on a physiological and subconscious level. This workshop will provide an introduction to somatic techniques that will leave you feeling calmer and more connected to your body, yet energized, grounded, and awake. This workshop will include gentle movement and guided practices to calm the nervous system and connect you to your body, foundational information about how your nervous system works and stores both trauma and stress, animal imagery, and guidance on how to connect to the “wild” part of yourself in an exploration of healthy assertion and boundaries.

Beyond 12 Step Recovery

AA Recovery Coins

I specialize in working with sober women and acknowledge many of us found great benefit in working a twelve-step program and applying the principles to our lives.
Certainly, this is work worth doing.

In any pathway to recovery, you may feel like something is missing and desire a richer life experience                                                                                                    
​There can be an ongoing longing for a deeper understanding of self. You may continue to have feelings of anxiety, disconnect, and self-doubt. You may struggle with issues of acceptance or control, or have difficulty turning “off” your brain. 

Taking time to understand and experience your internal landscape with Dr. Alice provides a level of ownership and awareness not found elsewhere. 


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A New Paradigm

Coaching with Dr Alice isn’t just about creating goals and setting a path towards achieving them. It is a journey to understanding your own nervous system, and building your capacity for creating the life your heart desires.

If you have tried therapy or coaching before, and not gotten the results you sought–it isn’t your fault. Traditional coaching and therapy focus on the cognitive brain and conscious mind. Somatic work focuses on the lower brain structures, body physiology, and subconscious mind to unwind old patterns of trauma that may be leaving you feeling stuck, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Past trauma or perceived trauma can be held within our nervous system and physiology, so talking about it all day won’t actually address the stored patterns.

By broadening awareness and creating new habits, old patterns lose their hold and you begin to show up in your life and make choices that are aligned with your most authentic self.

Awaken the Woman Within: Individual Coaching

In this three month individualized coaching program, you work closely with Dr Alice to identify areas where you want to foster growth. You will learn to identify resources, and expand your capacity for feeling good in your body. Simultaneously, we use somatic techniques to identify areas or past patterns of stuckness or overwhelm, and work with YOUR system to establish a new baseline. So you go through life feeling
​more like yourself. Book your call today to see if coaching with Dr Alice is the right fit for you.