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Sober and Still Searching?

A quest for deeper healing in long term recovery

You’ve read all the quit lit, been free from alcohol for over a year, and have a support network in place. But you still don’t feel as good as you want to. You still feel like you’re carrying baggage around, and examining all the reasons you started drinking in the first place.

You tuck yourself into bed and find gratitude for another day spent in recovery, free from the clutches of alcohol you once found yourself in. An ongoing feeling of dissatisfaction peers its head in around your gratitude list. You can’t help but wonder, “Is this all there is?”

You know there are things from your past that still bog you down. You want to face them and start anew. You know you are meant for passion and purpose in this world, but feel like you can’t break free from the chain links of old beliefs and behaviors. You want to TRUST yourself and feel at home in your body. You are tired of hiding, and long to step into the full expression of yourself.

Otherwise, you know the dissatisfaction may grow, and alcohol may begin to look tempting again. You never want to go back to living that way. Going forward is the only option.

Freeing yourself from the clutches of alcohol and entering into a life of sobriety and recovery is commendable and amazing. Truly, good job! This is hard work and your life will only be better for it.

Removing alcohol is like opening a door to lasting healing. It allows you to be clear and stable for deeper healing. If you are ready, I am here to help you take the next steps. Somatic Experiencing creates change from the inside out, so you begin to feel differently in your body. In our sessions together, you will learn to feel and trust your body’s clear and decisive messages. You will know what YES feels like in your body. You will know how to identify old patterns and triggers, and how to work WITH them instead of fighting them or reacting to them. You will gain a sense of mastery over your being-ness and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Is stress suffocating you?

You manage it all, but feel like you’re drowning

It’s 3am, AGAIN, and you wake up with a start, your brain immediacy jumping to the 5 things you left unfinished last night. You lay back on the pillow and try your breathing techniques, but your mind whirls and spins like a merry go round. 

You are vaguely aware of your jaw clenching as you’ve run through the same scenario in your head multiple times. When sleep finally does lead you to a peaceful respite, it is over far too soon and your alarm is going off. It’s time to get up and get things done. 

Stress isn’t an entity separate from yourself anymore. It runs through you and cloaks you, relentlessly demanding your time and attention. You know there’s creativity and purpose in you, if only you could press the damn pause button long enough to access it. 

You know if life continues this way, you will continue to suffer, and things will get worse. You already feel like you’ve lost yourself in the endless tasks and relentless stress, and to lose anymore of yourself is simply unacceptable. You are determined to make a change and get your life back.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) isn’t simply a collection of stress “management” tools. In our sessions together, you will get in touch with how your body responds to stressors and learn how to “head them off at the pass” rather than being swept up and carried away by life events. You will learn how to put the brakes on and take in the present moment situations. You will make choices and decisions based on what feels right for you, rather than from a place of reaction. In SE, you will learn how to de-code and interpret your body’s nervous system and subconscious signals. You will learn how to live at a pace that feels more natural to you, so that you are able to accomplish what you need to without constantly teetering on the edge of burnout.


Experience Matters

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After the sessions, I had a much better understanding of needing physical space, distance and release, I am better at dealing with my stress and anxiety. The improvement in my coping has been a huge help with work. I am calmer and can use any one of the many new tools to calm me. A calmer me can move through the stress in my day without exhibiting stress that can impact my team. The investment in my health and improved demeanor at work was money well spent. Additionally, stress and anxiety have a large impact on our bodies internally, working through the techniques from Dr Kerby has improved my internal health too.
Annie B
Annie B
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I decided to work with Dr Alice because the idea of a combination of group work and body work appealed to me. Everything I'd been reading about healing nudged me towards somatic experiencing. Being in Dr Alice's presence (even via Zoom) is very reassuring and calming. I've learned that turning inwards and fully experiencing uncomfortable sensations while being supported by a gentle guide helps to make them less scary, which has made me less afraid to be in my body. The course was definitely worth my investment and I hope to continue to work with Dr Alice. I feel like I'm on the path to recovery.
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Dr. Alice’s approaches were very helpful and eye opening for me. The combination of one on one coaching and group approaches were very effective. I learned practical skills that I had never experienced before. With Dr. Alice I was able to identify areas in my body that were holding tension and anxiety and through her guidance, was able to learn and practice techniques to help alleviate this tension. These practical somatic exercises have helped me tremendously and have also motivated me to pursue further learning in these techniques. Dr. Alice is able to gently push you out of your comfort zone into a new heightened level of peace. It was definitely worth the investment and I would highly recommend Dr. Alice. She is very kind, positive, encouraging and intuitive. She is gifted at finding techniques/solutions that are personally catered to help with your anxiety and stress levels.

Imagine yourself in the middle of a busy week. Schedules and obligations pull at you and strain your mental capacity. You look at your dogeared “to do” list, hastily scribbled on the back of an envelope. You long for the time of day when you can put your feet up and shut your brain off.

You find peace of mind in your yoga class, but it goes out the window as soon as you leave.

You love your partner, your kids, your family and friends – but you find yourself snapping at them more often than you would like.

You feel disconnected from yourself, and often find you have made it to the middle of the afternoon without being aware of time passing.

You want something to change.

Imagine staying present, even with the mundane tasks required of you.

Imagine being your own wellspring of inner calm.

Join me for Somatic Relief, a 4 week course that helps you cultivate inner calm and tame your triggers.

You learn effective strategies to be more present in your body, access resources and work with triggers in a new way.

You learn to trust yourself, from the inside out.

4 weeks, Every Thursday in Oct, 5pm PST/8pm EST 


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