Upcoming Workshop: Somatic Relief!

The next session starts fall 2022–join the waitlist now!

Do you want relief?

  • Relief from overthinking, non stop wheels churning away….
  • Relief from anxiety, stress, and the general sense of being beat down by daily life…
  • Relief from your own self doubt, the behaviors you don’t love, constant questioning of your choices…

Do you want to be able to bring yourself this kind of relief whenever you need it?!

Join me for this four week series and learn to:

  • Regulate your own system so you always have access to internal Relief
  • Be your own safe space

This four session intensive will be a small group designed to bring you Somatic Relief.

Learn foundational Somatic Experiencing techniques that will provide you with lifelong support

The next session will begin fall 2022, join the waitlist today and you will be the first to know when dates are scheduled!


"I am a single mother with an M.A in Psychology. I have been feeling very lost and alone and using wine to cope. I'm in a mid-life crisis and am transitioning out of a career that was very unfulfillingfor many years. I have been working hard to get at the root of my motivations for harmful behaviors such as daily wine drinking, zero self-care, being a workaholic and a perfectionist. I signed up for “Sober & Calm” because I wanted to add more tools to my toolbox and explore the connection of my body with my mind and stored trauma. The course helped me to slow down and actually be mindful of all of my bodies sensations instead of running from them as I always have. Connecting with my body in a totally different way felt incredibly liberating and peaceful. I listen to my body now in a way that I never have before and feel more balanced emotionally as a result. I would definitely recommend this 30 Day Course"
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Carrie L
"The "Sober & Calm" course helped build my confidence. When we did the exercise on resources and I realized I was able to view myself as a resource, that was truly an invaluable lesson. It's something I use everyday. I've done countless training's, conferences, seminars, read or listened to hundreds of personal development books - there are few things that actually stick with me that I put into use. That was one of them"
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Jen C
Small Business Owner, Mother, Sober woman
"My name is Maribeth and what takes up most of my life is being a Director for an advertising/media agency. This is a fun career but generates a great deal of stress and anxiety. I was not only experiencing a lot of anxiety; I was also searching for a new way of dealing with the stress and anxiety since I had recently given up my favorite coping strategy; Alcohol. Dr Alice was warm and caring with a unique approach to dealing with stress and anxiety. During the 4 week course I learned a lot, but it was just the tip of the iceberg. I wanted to dive a bit deeper to see more of the techniques she teaches. I found out she offered a 1:1 option and I was excited to continue learning. The experience was odd at first, it is a new concept that most people have not practiced. Most of us go to a place in our minds to work through things but when you remove the mind, you can work with the physical connection to the anxiety and build new coping strategies. After the sessions, I had a much better understanding of needing physical space, distance and release, I am better at dealing with my stress and anxiety. The improvement in my coping has been a huge help with work. I am calmer and can use any one of the many new tools to calm me. A calmer me can move through the stress in my day without exhibiting stress that can impact my team. The investment in my health and improved demeanor at work was money well spent. Additionally, stress and anxiety have a large impact on our bodies internally, working through the techniques from Dr Kerby has improved my internal health too "
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Maribeth B
Sales Executive
"I'm a stay at home Mum to two boys; a 20 year old with developmental special needs and chronic health issues, and a vibrant, inquisitive 7 year old. At the beginning of the pandemic I suffered a PTSD response and am struggling with insomnia, anxiety and a reactive nervous system. I feel stuck in fight or flight. I decided to work with Dr Alice because the idea of a combination of group work and body work appealed to me. Everything I'd been reading about healing nudged me towards somatic experiencing. Being in Dr Alice's presence (even via Zoom) is very reassuring and calming. I've learned that turning inwards and fully experiencing uncomfortable sensations while being supported by a gentle guide helps to make them less scary, which has made me less afraid to be in my body. The course was definitely worth my investment and I hope to continue to work with Dr Alice."
- Annie
Stay at home Mom

I’ll see you on the inside!

Investing in your health and emotional well-being is one of the best investments you will ever make.

Dr. Alice

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