Stress is Killing You

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Somatic Experiencing for Stress and Anxiety
San Diego, CA

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Your shoulders are up to your ears. Your breath comes in shallow gasps.

A sharp pain in your neck reminds you of the miserable sleep you got last night.

You’ve always held things together and you can’t call fall apart now. Too many people are depending on you.

So, you pop another Advil, gulp down your coffee, and rush out the door to sit in traffic.

Stress is eating away at you from the inside.

You’re irritable and find yourself lashing out at those closest to you. You’ve noticed your friends are starting to pull back.

There’s no time to connect with others anyway, you barely have time to connect with yourself.

You’re sick of it. Sick of the insomnia and the foul mood that drag into all of your interactions.

It’s time for a solution that works… and one that lasts.

CBT or other types of talk therapy have given you helpful tools, but you’re still a nervous wreck.

Somatic Experiencing brings your body and nervous system into the healing process.

Living in a state of high stress and overwhelm means your body is constantly ready to engage in “fight or flight” and until what’s happening in your body is addressed these patterns will keep showing up.

Our work together will help you learn your personal activation patterns and how to shift them.

Reconnect with your body!

Get on your own side, start listening to your body, and access a deep of peace.

Move through the world with confidence and relaxation.

You may still have stressors (who doesn’t) but your response patterns CAN and WILL change with this work.

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Leave overwhelm and anxiety behind.

Move forward into a life you love.

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