I was delighted to present for She Recovers Mental Health Monday and discuss ways we can cultivate resilience in recovery.

Smoking Saved my Life, here’s how. A personal essay about harm Reduction in Early Sobriety

I loved the chance to sit down with Jean M of the Bubble Hour and tell my story and share my work with sober women and trauma healing. I was a big fan of this podcast in my own early recovery, so it was a sweet return to sit down and speak with Jean. She is a phenomenal host and lovely human. We discuss why Somatic Experiencing tools are so helpful in recovery and healing.

Women for Sobriety Conference:

Featured presenter for the 2021 Women for Sobriety Conference. The theme of the conference was “I’m Possible” and my presentation was entitled ‘Cultivate your Inner Calm without Abandoning your Wild Heart’

Practical ways to apply Somatic Experiencing to our lives so that things feel easier

Sarah Ramsey is doing amazing work in helping women move forward and thrive from toxic relationships. We talked about the importance of coming back into the body when moving forward, and how creating an internal sense of self through nervous system regulation is key.

A weeklong extravaganza hosted by Nicole Tsong where I discuss my own non-linear path to finding and living my life with great purpose and passion.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on the Tub in the Bedroom Podcast with the amazing Lennia Gaston. We reflect on COVID 19 and the global stress response, and ways we can manage some of the effects of this stress. We also take a look at the connection between addiction and trauma and how we can heal from past patterns.
I was a featured presenter at The Holistic Immunity Summit, and discussed the correlation between stress and immunity with Dr Manjiri Nadkarni. I speak on how to recognize when you may be stuck within a physiological pattern and how to move through the stuck-ness. We also covered topics of developing a physical routine to boost and maintain immunity, and the importance of movement at every age to remain in optimal health.
I was honored to be a guest on Courageous Recovery with Randy Mortensen and share my passion for working with sober women in the realms of trauma and chronic stress. Randy is a wonderful host and in this episode we discuss the healing power of nature, how women are affected by addiction, and ways we can begin to return to feeling whole in our bodies.

I sit down with Thea Charles to discuss two of the major crossroads in my life and how I responded. Did I push or did I pivot? I open up about the difficulties of starting college
at age 30 and how my drinking progressed with mounting anxiety. I share more about what
​helped me to change my life and how I was able to pivot and create a new reality. 

I have the privilege of wrapping up The AMBRWY’s “sweeps week” with Jaclyn Paxton. We talk about ways to be in tune with ourselves, dealing with anxiety, the power within the female hormonal cycle, understanding a bit more about addiction and learned self love and the healing power of Qi Gong.
Guy Ramsey and I sit down to talk about stress, the healthcare system, and ways we can begin to ​shift our perspective when looking at our past life’s experiences. Guy shares his own background in working with trauma in his social work career, and we discuss ideas on way we could improve the system.
I enjoy chatting with Rebecca Sutton of the Resilient Women Club, and we discuss ways I have built resilience along my own journey as well as resilience building strategies we can all use throughout the pandemic and throughout life.
Dr Alice and Dr. K discuss what wellness looks like, tapping into somatic experiencing and how to continue healing once you get past overcoming an addiction.
I authored a short piece as part of the newsletter for the San Diego chapter of the ALA on using body based methods to manage chronic stress.

We are asking the wrong questions when it comes to drinking.
An exploration into The Inner Wild in sobriety

An exploration into my own recovery story and how Somatic Experiencing work changed my life

Join me in the UK’s premier business show as we discuss how living with less stress leads to greater success