What’s being wild got to do with being sober?

What do I mean by “get wild?”

Getting free and in touch with the most basic core & rooted part of ourselves that keeps time in rhythm with nature, that growls with fierceness to protect our cubs, that dances in shimmering joy and delight under a full moon. The part of us that feels ok to stand up and ask for what we need. Heck, to even KNOW what we need in the first place.

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Get wild in sobriety animal
Get Wild in Sobriety
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Free Class April 8 8pm EST/5pm PST

So many of us have spent years’ people-pleasing, having poor boundaries, or sliding backward in trying to be unseen. Compound this with alcohol and there are behaviors that may have elicited shame, remorse, guilt, and sadness. It may be hard or damn near impossible to find your inner wild nature.

I am here to be your guide.

In this workshop, we will lay out the groundwork for first creating and finding a sense of calm and presence within ourselves. We will understand the basic principles of why working with the nervous system and subconscious structures are important.

I will guide you through experiential practices that create ease and awareness, so you feel calm and present. We will have some fun exploring our inner wild nature from a grounded and secure place.

“That was so great! I feel so relaxed now and ready to start my day” –Alexis S, property manager

If you want to see if working with Dr Alice is a good fit, book a discovery call today and let’s chat.