1:1 Coaching with Doctor Alice

Is coaching right for you?

If you are a sober woman who experiences any of the following:

  • Has ongoing anxiety and wants to get rid of it
  • No longer wants to be defined by a traumatic past
  • Wants to feel more present in your life, and less like you are running from task to task
  • Wants to feel confident in your life choices and really trust yourself
  • Are newly sober/exploring sobriety and need support and a plan for success

Somatic Experiencing and Recovery Coaching may be right for you.

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Dr Alice sober and calm

What makes Dr. Alice different than other coaches?

Aside from her professional medical background, Dr. Alice is trained in Somatic Experiencing (SE) trauma therapy. If you’ve tried other coaching or therapeutic modalities and are still searching, it’s not your fault. Traditional coaching and therapy can take a “top-down” approach, seeking to change the mind and cognitive brain while not paying much attention to the body. Somatic Experiencing takes a “bottom-up” approach and works with the subconscious mind and body to heal old patterns that we may not even be aware of.

Spending three or six months working with Dr Alice and creating change in both your cognitive mind and your nervous system leads to deep, lasting internal shifts. The number one thing my clients tell me “I feel better”

“Rediscovering my own body is a gift largely made possible by Dr. Alice Kerby. I am noticing moments of joy in my life more frequently and with greater ease. I have gained a renewed sense of hope and more importantly, a deeper connection with myself that allows me to operate more from a place of ease and contentment as opposed to fear and dread. Thank you for giving me my life back, Dr. Kerby! "
Zoe A

If you want to see if working with Dr Alice is a good fit, book a discovery call today and let’s chat.